We offer custom artificial eyes and custom scleral shells.

Steps in making a LeGrand custom artificial eye:

Fitting – In most cases a wax shape is used to custom fit the eye socket. We are able to modify the wax in order to get the curvature of the eyelids and the appearance that we want. An accurate impression of the socket using a soft alginate or impression material may also be taken at this time. The fitting procedure takes approximately one hour.

First Laboratory Process – A plaster impression of the mold is poured and the white plastic of the eye is cured in a pressure curer.

Veining – On the white surface of the eye, sclera tones of red, blue, brown, and yellow are added as needed. More details are added to the iris and fragments of red embroidery thread are added to the sclera for veins. This procedure takes approximately 45 minutes to 1 hour.

Second Laboratory Process – This final work consists of covering the eye with a thin layer of clear plastic which smoothly seals in the veins and gives the appearance of the corneal dome found on the human eye. After the plastic is cured, the prosthesis is polished to a smooth luster, and the final fitting is done.

You will have seen the whole process from beginning to end, and are assured of the craftsmanship which has gone into your custom made eye. Please go to our Videos page to see how it all works.

We also offer artificial eye cleaning, polishing, and maintenance

We have found in most cases it is preferable not to remove the prosthesis for cleaning on a regular basis. Overhandling of the prosthesis can cause the tissues to become irritated, and lead to increased secretions or infections. We recommend that the prosthesis be cleaned and polished once each year in our office. This removes any protein build up that may coat the prosthesis and return the surface to a smooth finish. For many patients this is the only time that the eye is removed throughout the year.