Is the fitting procedure painful?

No, there is no pain involved with what we do.

How long does the fitting take?

For the majority of our patients it will take 5 hours to make an artificial eye. This is usually done in one day and consists of three appointments throughout this time.

How frequently will my artificial eye need to be replaced?

The average life span of an artificial eye is 5-7 years. It is dependent on the individual’s personal chemistry and how quickly the tear film causes deterioration of the plastic. Children usually have the prosthesis replaced more frequently (1-2 years) to accommodate the changes in their socket due to growth.

What is the eye made of?

The prosthesis is made of acrylic plastic. It is very durable and can be modified if needed. It may need to be built up or adjusted to accommodate changes in the eye socket.

Will my artificial eye move?

There will be some movement with your artificial eye. Thanks to modern surgical techniques, most people will experience some movement.

Do I need to remove my artificial eye?

Removal of the prosthesis is not recommended. In most cases handling of the prosthesis causes irritation and increases discharge. If removal is needed please watch our video on “How to Remove and Insert a Prothetic Eye“.

How often should I clean my artificial eye?

We recommend having it polished and cleaned once a year by your Ocularist. This is done so that any protein buildup that may coat the prosthesis can be removed and to return the surface to a smooth finish.